BAHIRDAR, ETHIOPIA: International City of Peace

We welcome Mistru Kebede Tesfaye and the citizens of Bahirdar, Ethiopia who have established their community as an International City of Peace. Peace 1st Ethiopia is a not-for-profit, non-religious NGO.

Bahirdar City was awarded the UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize already and it is where Peace 1st Ethiopia was born. 

Ethiopia is home to a multitude of ethnic groups, living within and moving across internal and external boundaries. Local conflict is fueled by issues such as competition over natural resources, land disputes, livelihoods insecurity, and erosion of traditional systems for conflict and resource management.

We strongly agree in the opinion in a country like ours that Sustainable development is the Best way of ensuring Peace.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.



We envision Ethiopia Shift in Culture away from the habit of war

towards a manifest commitment to prevent conflict and

build a sustainable peace through out Ethiopia.


We primarily promote that Ethiopia without War can achieve peace and

Sustainable development.

Promote a dialogue-centred approach to conflict prevention and resolution of conflicts

Promote a culture of peace and tolerance nurtured in Ethiopian Women and the YOUTH through peace education.

Empowering the Youth Develop the VISION, SKILLS and BEHAVIOURS to promote peace.

It is assumed that high unemployment of young men and the associated lack of prospects increase the potential to recruit potential FIGHTERS.


To work for Ethiopia where there is peace, harmony, justice, and equity

And push Ethiopia to the Global Peace Index.

Our first Experience

Our team was invited by world Vision International/ Ethiopia a

Roundtable meeting at Gold Mark Hotel, Bishoftu from 19-20 April 2021,on indigenous conflict resolution mechanism

Community Challenges of the city of  Bahirdar

# poverty

# High unemployment

# Water supply and sewage system

# Socio economic inequality and the inner slum residents

# Informal land settlement

# Little or no opportunity to learn a trade

# Constant fear of the future

Below are lists of projects as a Catalyst for peace. 

1. Water is a peaceful tool.

In Ethiopia, Amhara,Oromiyya,Binshangul and Afar regions Conflict and insecurity in the regions has stifled much-needed development, leaving many poor families unable to access basic services such as water, Health and Education.

The construction of a simple well improves the health of residents, increases agricultural production and leads to a better quality of life for families, especially for girls and women.

( We are told from  North  part of Ethiopia, disaster prevention agency that currently 1.8 Million people are displaced as a result of Conflict, Violence persecution and human rights violations/ Most of them are Children/ Site Visiting is allowed for our team )

2. Planting Million Trees aiming to promote peace and harmony.

Peace 1st Ethiopia aiming to assist rural communities and smallholder farmers in conflict and post conflict areas in North Ethiopia to achieve food security and sustainable economic development thereby contributing to stability by empowering communities to become self sufficient through sustainable agriculture.

3. Our team with the Bahirdar Municipality Agriculture sector select a 10 hectare avilable land used for a Site of tree nursery near the Nile River, working to receive it for these purpose.

4. promote peace using Sport-as a powerful tool that bringing people together in Ethiopian different regions and the Nile basin countries.

Our first letter to organize a sport festival to strengthen peace from one region to the other region in the country besides ( between Ethiopia and Eritrean National team )at International bahirdar stadium was approved at the ministry of foreign affairs and still looking Budgets..

5. Culture exchange programmes for peace.

Peace 1st Ethiopia believes Arts, music, Trade events and all kind of healthy cultural exchange programs that promote peace and development in Ethiopia are encouraged and organized through us and with cooperation of other peace stakeholders.

6.Link Bahirdar city of peace to other country city of peace

Peace 1st Ethiopia intend to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation,Bahirdar city at a time with




Below is the name of people working for peace 1stE Ethiopia

And can be reached at :

Mr. Mistru Tesfaye

Founder and board chairmen

Fonder of Ethiopian Inclusive Education a registered Non Governmental Education- under the low of Ethiopian Intellectual property no LTM /1604

2. Binyam Eskezya

Fonder member & deputy chairman

Certificate on Event Organizing

A Men of high Networking of many VIP people

His picture attached, with a White Shirt near at the Left to Depty prime minister and foreign minister of Ethiopia

3. Hana Miheritu

Founder member and Communicater,Educater of peace at university students, Non staffs and women, Youth and children in the community.

BSC degree – Mathematics,and management

Attached: Certificate in Peace

4. Dr.Getachew

Founder member and Volunteer

MSC degree as a Veterinary Doctor.

Working for Amhara regional Agriculture sector head Advisor

Private  researcher on Ethiopian indigenous plants for phamacitical purposes

5. Dawit Tekeleab

Founder member and manager

Previously working as a custom police officer,

Controlling Illigal Trading And a Teacher.

Diplom– management

5  Engineer Gibreal Ahmed

Founder member and Volunteer

BSC – Water management, Chemical engineering

25 + Years experience in drilling wells all over the country.

Regional parliament member



To contact or support this initiative:

Andbelay building,2nd floor,office no 206,Bahirdae,Ethiopia

Zoom: peace1stEthiopia

NB: Our Team Speaks Russian,English,Amharic,Tigrya,Oromiyya.

ABOUT BAHIRDAR, ETHIOPIA (provided by the Liaison)

Wide streets with lines of palm trees and stunning river views make up Bahir Dar’s landscape. The beautiful capital of the Amhara region and the third biggest city in Ethiopia. Located on the shores of the stunning Lake Tana. TheLake Tana Biosphere Reserve was registered on June 19, 2015 and is among the fourth UNESCO world biosphere reserve sites of Ethiopia,

Lake Tana is Also a Source of the Blue Nile River and has 37 Islands. It is home to some of the oldest monasteries, numbering 27, and churches in the world. The nearest Blue Nile Falls are also one of the most spectacular sights to see in Ethiopia.

  • Bahir Dar is a clean, Safe and well-maintained city by African city standards.
  • Bahir Dar is also a place to sample the best of Ethiopian culture, and Historical places – the universally pleasant lakeside atmosphere to explore by foot or by Bicycle .
  • The city dates back to the 13th Century associated with the establishment of church and then again known in the Jesuit expansion of the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • The Spanish missionary Pedro Páez is said to have built some of the city’s most prominent buildings.
  • On the grounds of the church compound one of those buildings still stands as a reminder of the diverse religious influences that have shaped Ethiopia over the centuries.

  • Emperor Hailesellase was toyed to move the capital from AddisAbaba to BahirDar, because of Bahir Dar – situated along Lake Tana- Ethiopia’s largest lake and is a source of the Blue Nile that – contributing 84% to River Nile – the longest river on Earth. And its quiet surrounding with all possible amenities.
  • BahirDar is Already received a UNISCO Cities for peace prize In March 18 ,2002,and peace 1st Ethiopia was born here in order to keep these peace legacy of Bahirdar and to spread it in the rest of the country.
  • According to the Bahirdar City Administration,the population is 381,924 people where 85% live in the urban and 15% in the Semi urban and its vicinity areas of the city ( Data from the 2012.) Economic activities include an expanding Textile industry as well as rapidly growing Agro-
  • Industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry and Mineral Energy industries potential.

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