Establish your State or Province as an International Peace Community

The criteria for establishing a State or Province of Peace in order to build the infrastructure of a Culture of Peace is as follows:

  • Fill out the Letter of Intent with at least two signatures of government officials (pdf of Letter on the “How To Establish a City of Peace” section of the ICP website).
  • Initiate and complete the process for establishing the Capital City of the State/Province as a City of Peace.
  • In addition to the Capital, the State/Province must have at least four of the top ten population Cities complete the process as International Cities of Peace.
  • The head of government of the State/Province must establish an official Liaison, Committee, or Commission for a Culture of Peace. The Liaison, Committee, or Commission must create a vision, mission, and goals to utilize government resources for the benefit of a more peaceful community (i.e. increased safety, prosperity, and quality of life).
  • After completing the above criteria, a Proclamation must be signed establishing the State/Province as an International State or Province of Peace.

A unique web page for the State or Province will be provided free of charge to highlight the region’s culture, history, peace legacy and vision for the future. A facilitator must be designated as the central point of communication between the network and government.


A great opportunity to create the infrastructure of peace in an entire region of the world! Please get in touch with the Director today.


NOTE: International Cities of Peace is an association of independent International Cities of Peace and is not responsible for the activities, actions, and opinions of individual members, partners, and advisors.




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