Establish Your Community as a City of Peace

Is your community already a City of Peace? Check the Cities Listing or use the search tool. Even if your larger town is a city of peace, you can work in a smaller community and reap the benefits of building the peace. To begin the process, download our “Letter of Intent” and send an email with a little about yourself and your community.

For more information on the many ways to participate, simply send us an email:

Or download these PDF documents:



Here’s a Sample Resolution you might use when an example is needed:


In order to foster unity for a true city of peace, all stakeholders of society should be engaged: the Wellness, Academic, Security, Commerce, Arts, Recreation, Service, Faith-Based, Environmental, and Civic Sectors all contribute to a peaceful community. To foster collaboration between the community government and grassroots organizations is to create a Culture of Peace.


The process for creating a city of peace is more than signatures on paper and much more inspiring as you make a positive impact on your community.

Creating an International City of Peace ensures a sustainable platform for the entire community to begin working toward a culture of peace. Is it time for your community to be a part of this hopeful and practical movement? Here’s is the details of the process:

To create an initiative is very simple and costs no money. You can emphasize the work you are currently doing, or create a new organization for community peace building. We believe that each community has a legacy of peace that can be highlighted, especially in terms of giving hope and encouragement to children and adults alike. We are not a funding organization but individual cities of peace have the option of working with other cities through our Global Family Program.

One person, perhaps you, will be included on our Advisory Council of Leaders. We will make the announcement about your initiative when the following are received:

1. Letter of Intent with signatures (print, get signatures, and scan to return)
2. A vision, mission, and goals statement (as detailed as possible)
3. Photos and captions of local events, locations, or historical events
4. A photo and bio for the leader of the group
5. If possible, a statement about the peace legacy of your community

Once the unique web page for your community is created, we will make the announcement to our membership and the world. Get ready for a life-changing and world-changing experience. Imagine a world of 1000 cities of peace!

For a dialogue with our staff, send an email with questions.