Cities of Peace around the globe are forming powerful peace teams. Attention Donors!

From Thomas Konneh, leader of Gardnersville, Liberia: City of Peace

Quote: “Today’s meeting was called to order by our coordinator ( amb. Thomas Konneh)  at 4:20 pm. The first item was opening prayer, which was done by the audience according to their belief, the second item which was welcome remark was done by our director of administration (bro. Sumo Y.Kolubahwu) while the third item which was self introduction was done by the audience.

“After that, the reading of last meeting meanings was read by our coordinator. During the reading of the last meeting meanings, our coordinator said that the organization Will be hosting a peace forum (Yoner Peace Forum) on the 5th,of May 2017.

The coordinator went on saying that we will be inviting 7 schools to participate;out of the 7 schools, 15 students representatives from each of the schools will represented during the program.When the reading of the last meeting meanings was done by our coordinator, the flood was opened for discussion. During the discussion,it was agreed upon that, the letters that will be sent to the various schools and speakers be written and be brought urgently to the body for reviewing before it is send. The yearly (2017) plan of actions was also discussed in detail.”The second to the last item ( A.O.B.) was done by the audience. During that discussion, our coordinator raised an issues about our Planning (Director Vannie Golafily) actions. He stayed away from the organization for so long. The Planning Director said that he had an assistant that which our coordinator said that it was not to his knowledge.

“Later on, the issues were settled peacefully between the coordinator and the planning director.
One of our senior youth who usually support us, in person of bro @Jfeedle Berry was present during the meeting. He contributed meaningfully and even encourages us to move forward with our volunteer works.
Bro. Hugges M.Menjay, one of our new members was also present; he too,contributed powerfully and meaningfully.”Lastly, on behalf of officials of JJY Club, we extends thanks and appreciations to those who took upon their own time to attend our today’s meeting. It was wonderful and powerful.”Click here for the Gardnersville, Liberia: City of Peace Web Page

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