March 22, 2022

Update: 351 International Cities of Peace in 70 Countries on Six Continents… and growing.

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March 22, 2022

    We are on our way to our vision of 1000 Cities of Peace by year 2025. We will announce another four communities over the next two weeks. The good news includes our first City of Peace in Austria and our third in the Republic of South Korea. Amazing momentum. QUESTION: Will you bring the City of Peace ideal to your community? We’ll help. Send your thoughts to: info@internationalcitiesofpeace.orgMore information on all our member Cities of Peace — click here!

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    “Build a Strong an Effective ICP Peace Team” is an ICP special training package that answers the questions of why and how to build a strong Peace Team. Next month we’ll send the next training package, how to create an Action Plan through the use a Kanban board, which is a scheduling tool to achieve effective and timely results. There are two alternative Kanban board options you can use: The ICP spreadsheet TeamBoard, or you can install the Google Kanban board called “TasksBoard”. These are easy to use and help build your Team to greater productivity — and peace needs greater results as the news testifies! Download the attachment and do good work!

  1. ICP COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE NEWS: New “Safe Defense” course
    In addition to the Course on “Mastering the Golden Rule”, you will now find within the ICP Collaborative Workspace — which is a free service to Liaisons of International Cities of Peace — the “Safe Defense” course by founder Dan Stratton. “Learn innovative Safe Defense, a comprehensive interpersonal (person to person) skill set,” he writes, “which includes; Term Definitions, De-escalation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Moves.” If you are current Liaison or want to become a global peace leader and join the ICP Workspace in the future, go to: ICP Workspace FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


    Nanjing, China became an International City of Peace in 2017. Since then, two more Cities of Peace in China have been established with a focus on Peace Studies. The new Journal — the first of its kind in China — will be edited by Nanjing’s UNESCO Chair of Peace Studies, Professor Liu Cheng, a Board Member of ICP and a Professor of History at Nanjing University. Congratulations, Professor!

  1. FOCUS ON IMPACT: Sangano, International City of Peace
    Each of our member Cities of Peace is doing great volunteer work but this issue of Global Newscast will feature on one with good news. Norbert Byambo is the Liaison for Sangano in the Isingiro District of Uganda, specifically in the Nakivale Refugee Camp, which was established six decades ago. Because of Norbert’s leadership within International Cities of Peace and in his community, his Team was “given a plot of land,” he said, “by a local leader by seeing what we are doing. He was very impressed seeing young leaders create peace and teaching, training children, women and youths. The plot is 10 to 20 meters. We want to build classrooms where we shall be training people different skills and training such as dispute and conflict resolution skills, peace building, and reconciliation.” Congratulations, Norbert and your entire Peace Team. What a vision! Other Cities of Peace take notice. If you volunteer, you will reap the benefits of altruism and commitment.

Thank you for your support and donations to our mutual cause,

J. Frederick Arment
Chair of the Board, Cities of Peace, Inc.


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