Refugee CAMP Cities of Peace

Tremendous City-to-City support from a potential City of Peace in Denmark to a current City of Peace in the Nakivale Settlement in Uganda.Through the connections of International Cities of Peace, the City of Allborg, Denmark was made aware of some of the Cities of Peace initiatives in Uganda. Upon a meeting in 2022, a respectful and friendly relationship developed. From those beginnings, Norbert Byambo, the ICP Liaison in the village of Sangano, provided information about the worthy projects that his community is planning and hope to implement. It was the result of respectful two-way communication between peace people thousands of miles from each other.

“Another achievement from both sides,” writes Norbert Byambo, “seeing that we have met for the second time since last year 2022 December. It has been an honor to know Jacob. We talked more and more to uplift our communities. The idea came to create a sustainable development goal for kids in our communities.
The ICP City-to-City Collaboration Program is like the Sister Cities idea but it focuses on grassroots peacebuilding projects in the drive toward local/global peace.
City-to-City Program:
Sangano link:

Glad it worked out, Norbert. Great work! The ICP network is powerful as long as Liaisons are committed, humble, enthusiastic and smart in developing their projects. Norbert Byambo Kagosi Taylor has proven his program and delivered!

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