Top 5 Reports from Liaisons of International Cities of Peace
August, 2022

Building the Beloved Community

362 International Cities of Peace in 71 Countries on Six Continents… and growing.
Know someone who might be interested in establishing an International City of Peace?
Connect us. We’ll help them get started!


On First Tuesday of each month, ALL Liaisons, Mentors and Facilitators are invited to a series of Zoom meetings. The new meeting schedule will begin on August 2nd and continue each First Tuesday with different Zoom links for each session. Each month, the Zoom links will be different, so check in with the latest newsletter before First Tuesday’s arrive!

(Please check your time zone by Googling “New York time” and checking the difference between your time zone and Eastern Daylight Time.)

1. Official Facilitator Zoom — 10:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Invitation ONLY for the nine (9) official ICP Facilitators to discuss progress and challenges to ICP operations. At 10:30 a.m. the discussion will focus on Development. Zoom links will be sent to the nine Facilitators.

2. ICP Liaisons/Mentors Zoom — 11:00 a.m. EDT, August 2nd
ALL ARE WELCOME, especially for all official ICP Liaisons and Mentors. A brief presentation by J. Fred Arment then a discussion by as many on the Zoom as possible.

3. ICP Español-Speaking Zoom — 12:00 a.m. EDT
MEETING HELD IN SPANISH. For those in South and Central America as well as Spain, this session will be hosted by Inés Palomeque and a translator.


NEW ICP YouTube Channel

Now you can subscribe to the International Cities of Peace YouTube Channel. We will be creating new videos and feature videos from our over 360 Cities of Peace. Build Community. Gain from Innovative Ideas. Keep in Touch with your Colleagues in Peace!


ICP Technology Upgrade

IF WE CAN GET FUNDING… All Cities of Peace will get the following:
1. Ability to use their City of Peace web page on as a FREE real-time, changeable, dynamic tool for events, messages, photos, videos, and other info to grow their community initiatives!
2. New Cities of Peace will be able to apply online, which will enable our FREE network to grow to 1000 Cities of Peace by year 2025!
3. Some Cities of Peace will get FREE Google ad words to promote their events.
4. A new Classroom will be available for FREE training and certification.

HOWEVER, we need donors with a clear vision of how a movement of Cities of Peace can help transform and evolve our world toward a sustainable peace. CAN YOU HELP?



357 Tugen Baringa Kenya
358 Minova Kalehe D.R. Congo
359 Quito Pichincha Ecuador
360 Cathedral City California United States
361 Muhokya Western District Uganda
362 Mesa Arizona United States

Photos left to right, top to bottom: Cathedral City, California, U.S.; Mesa, Arizona, U.S.; Minova, D.R. Congo; Tugen, Kenya; Muhokya, Uganda; Quito, Ecuador

NEW CITY OF PEACE LIAISONS (Who provide independent two-way communication between their Cities of Peace and the association of International Cities of Peace.)

·  Ezekiel Cheruiyot Kurui, Tugen, Baringo, Kenya: City of Peace
·  Jérémy Arusi Adeba, Minova, Kalehe Territory, D.R. Congo: City of Peace
·  Tania Moran Dominguez, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador: City of Peace
·  Bob McKechnie, Cathedral City, California, United States: City of Peace
·  Johnson Tsotswana, Muhokya, Western District, Uganda: City of Peace
·  Ruth Tan Lim and Paula Osterday, Mesa, Arizona, United States: City of Peace


All of the member Cities of Peace are encouraged to have a humble meal with their Peace Team and the community during the month of September. This can be as simple as snack or a “pot luck” — or even a meal with your family that is dedicated to peace.

Plan a time to celebrate peace, to gather the community, to plan your volunteer activities for next year. If you do, take photos and post them on our Facebook page. We will compile a Peace Day video for 2022. Be sure your community is part of the United Nations sponsored International Day of Peace!



From the Chair

A huge transition is happening with International Cities of Peace. For nearly 14 years, our association has grown to over 70 countries with very little funding. This year, we must position for massive growth — a thousand new leaders, hundreds of thousands of community member involved in teams doing the good work of peace.
The opportunity we have is rare. The City of Peace ideal is changing communities, changing regions, changing the world.

Can you help? The smallest donation is valued. Each donor cherished.


For Major Donors of $5000 or more, we provide a place of honor.

With their contribution, the work of Cities of Peace can thrive.  WE NOW HAVE “ROOMS THAT HONOR” where major donors are highlighted for their peaceful intentions. The first Honoree is the Jubitz Family Foundation out of Portland, Oregon. They now have a “Room that Honors” their work and their partnership with our association of Cities of Peace.

Major Donors now have a Room that Honors, A Room to Share. How do you work for peace. What do you value? How can we be of service to your personal and organizational mission?

Yes, indeed, your Room is Ready. You are essential.

Sincerely and with appreciation,
J. Frederick Arment
Chair of the Board, Cities of Peace, Inc.


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