September, 2021

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The Golden Rule — the reason International Cities of Peace can exist!

Great news for global peace! As of today, we are approaching 350 International Cities of Peace in 70 countries on all six inhabitable continents. Our 347th — San Bernardino, California in the United States — will be officially announced this week. Hundreds of committed ICP Liaisons — those who provide two-way communication between their communities and the association of International Cities of Peace — are organizing thousands of peacemakers in practical-oriented Peace Team actions around the globe. After 13 years of dedicated growth, 2021 is the year we kick into high gear with new tools and optimism for tipping the balance toward global peace. Here’s our Holiday message… Do for others.

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ICP has momentum and strategies in place to drive into the heart of global peace.
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UPDATE: ICP Collaborative Workspace

There are now over 100 official ICP Liaisons logged into the secure communications ecosphere for International Cities of Peace. Already there are many tools and resources available, including training classes and packages. In January, we will kick the Peacemaker Superhighway into hyper mode! We are rolling out the following. Make sure you’re part of the solution!
  • Participate in conversations between leaders on each continent
  • Upload your Team’s Action Plan to the Shared Drives
  • Take the class on Mastering the Golden Rule
  • Download three training packages on Teams, Action Plans, and Effective Peacemaking
  • Get access to ICP Presentations and Forms
  • Soon you can check out the new class on Strategic Development Goal
  • Utilize sophisticated Google programs and drive storage for free!


Having trouble logging in? For instructions, check our website for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


NOTE 1: The URL for login is:


NOTE 2: Remember, the Workspace is ONLY for official Liaisons of a City of Peace. You must use the special email address as follows: [given name] dot [surname] (You cannot use your usual email address for the Workspace. Also, you can only use the workspace email for the Workspace, not for sending and receiving regular emails.)

If you forgot your password or cannot log in after trying the FAQ page, we can send you a RESET. Each reset is only good for two days so watch your email for a Google SIGN-IN or RESET page. Bookmark the Workspace page and write down your password!

If you have questions, please let us know:

See you in the CHAT room!

2021 Peace Day in Cities of Peace Around the Globe!

In coordination with the U.N. International Day of Peace, the Global Feast for Peace celebrated its 10th Anniversary– 2012 to 2021!  There have been Feasts in nearly every City of Peace on every continent. Here is a compilation of photos sent from communities around the globe!PEACE MONTH VIDEO, 2021




332 North Akron Ohio United States
333 Puerto Madryn Chubut Argentina
334 Peoria Arizona United States
335 Sangano Isingiro Uganda
336 Curitiba Paraná Brazil
337 Houghton Michigan United States
338 Hancock Michigan United States
339 Sangolqui Pichincha Ecuador
340 Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina
341 Bahirdar Amhara Ethiopia
342 Kanoni Gombo Uganda
343 Midland Michigan United States
344 Maiduguri Borno Nigeria
345 Pallisa Eastern Region Uganda
346 Akute Ogun Nigeria


We have been focusing on enterprise-wide solutions in order to provide the most sophisticated and effective peacemaking organization in the world — a grandiose goal! At the beginning of 2021, the Board of Directors of Cities of Peace, Inc. approved a Strategic Plan and Identity Guidelines (which are available on our website). That initiated a sweeping search for a group of 10 Facilitators as a volunteer staff for ICP Central. Today we have four of those positions with stellar volunteers and over 30 people working with ICP Central to provide tools and resources for the leaders and Peace Teams in nearly 350 International Cities of Peace in 70 nations.

EXTRAORDINARY VOLUNTEERS! I would like to thank many individuals who are facilitating, translating, creating tools, mentoring new cities of peace, and working on special projects, including these amazing volunteers:

Board of Directors: J. Fred Arment; Ayo Ayoola-Amale; Joe Mingo; Lonnie Franks, Liu Cheng, Dennis Wong, Inés Palomeque, Gabriela Pickett, Mabwe Lucien

Official Facilitators:
Fred Arment (Lead Facilitator)
Lonnie Franks (Enterprise Technologies)
Katherine Li (Skills Development)
Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Human Resources)
Needed Facilitators: Development, Compliance, Internet, Communications

Ankita Zaman (Skills Development)
Fan Zixing (Translation)
Mariam Atlagh (Summer, 2021)

Special Projects:
Dennis Wong (Rotary)
Brian Berman (Newsletter, Rotary)
Darlene Doiron (Undefined)
Danielle Henson (Library and Research)
Jean Trudel (Facebook Public Page)
Steve Fryburg (Google City Map)

Outreach Facilitators to Multiple Cities:
Inés Palomeque (South/Central America)
Barbara Gaughen-Muller (Santa Barbara County)
Rudy Westervelt (Rotary Cities)
John Baum (Long Island)
Margaret Joy Weaver (Arizona)
Liu Cheng (Asia)
Gerri Schwartz and Des Berghofer (Visioneers)
Gabriela Pickett (Spanish/Portuguese speaking Cities)
Scotty Bruer (U.S.)
Many others in Africa, Europe, Asia, N and S America)

Jeff Van Fleet, Maurice Rogers (Applications)
Ken Tallman (Salesforce)

Official Liaisons:
375+ Liaisons and their respective Peace Teams

Distinguished Advisors:
Peter vanden Dungen
Zhang Jianjung

Additional Liaisons Active in expanding ICP:
Ronald Kiyimba (Kanoni, Uganda)
Piedad Guzman (Cajica, Colombia)
Mariam Pickens (Hancock, MI, U.S.)
Edmario José Batista (Igarassu, Brazil)
José Francisco Mendoza, Badiraguato, Mexico
Jessi Miller or Manal Fakhoury (Ocala, FL, U.S.)
Miomir Rajcevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Frank Thacker (Westerly/Pawcatuck, CT/RI, U.S.)
Trish Ostroski (Durlesti, Moldova)
Julie Heyman (Ojai, CA, U.S.)

Perhaps with the thousands of peacemakers on ICP Peace Teams and government and community partnerships, International Cities of Peace may very well be one of the largest and most sustainable peace organizations in the world. Too much time and energy is spent on violence; peacemaking needs organizations that put ALL of the energy of volunteers into working toward global peace. That effort is succeeding. Your actions are good for humanity.

Thanks to all who sustain this effort,

J. Fred Arment
Chair, Executive Facilitator


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Thank you for your work toward a global culture of peace.

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