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33 Cities of Peace in Africa received Mini-Grants.

Thank to the UNESCO Chair of Peace, Nanjing, China and other donors!

GLOBAL FAMILY PROGRAM, the City-to-City support initiative from International Cities of Peace, is going well with 33 African Cities of Peace receiving funding for Covid-19 Virus Prevention. The Stop the Spread campaign, Together Side-by-Side, initiated by the UNESCO Peace Chair in Nanjing, provided Kits of thermometers, hand washing soap, information sheets, hand made masks, and other essentials. Though International Cities of Peace is not a funding agency, we were able to help donors around the world stand together against the pandemic. Thank you all!

In the Age of Covid-19, Celebrate Peace on Peace Day!

The Global Feast for Peace is a safe way to keep the momentum.

A family or small community “pot luck,” where people come to Feast for Peace, is a great way to plan for September this year. No burdensome costs or unnecessary health hazards. We hope all of our leaders and participants in over 270 Cities of Peace will celebrate, educate, and plan for 2021 during the Global Feast for Peace. Simply designate a meal or get-together as a Peace Day event. Take photos and send a story to me so we can create a video for 2020 that shows the great work being done around the world. Thank you for your work for peace!

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2020 United Nations Representatives and Delegates

Cities of Peace, inc. is in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, the U.N. body for NGOs.

Grounds passes are being issued for the volunteers who represent the leaders of ICP at the United Nations, both in New York and Geneva. Dennis Wong, Lead ICP Representative to the U.N, New York: A business strategist and Rotarian, Dennis Wong is a Hawaiian living near his family in Westport, Connecticut. Dennis holds an MBA from Michigan State University and a B.A. from Northwestern University. He is co-founder of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace. Gabriela Pickett, Ph.D., ICP Representative to U.N. Geneva, focusing on the Human Rights Council: Born in Mexico, Gabriela is an artist with exhibitions in Mexico, U.S., Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Estonia. She is Founder and Curator Missing Peace Art Space, President of the Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace, and a Board Member of the Human Relations Council of Dayton, and on the Dayton School Board. Jean Trudel, ICP Representative to U.N., New York: A Montrealer Jean Trudel is a retired talent management professional and an award winning Producer/Director. Jean sits on various committees at the UN, such as the IDP Steering Committee (UN Department of Global Communication), the NGO Committee on the Rights of Indigenous People, and the International Day of Yoga Committee. In addition, Jolanda van Wijk will be the second representative to the Geneva location where the Human Rights Council meets. THANKS to all our Representatives. May your voices be heard.

Peace Day Theme for 2020: “Shaping Peace Together”


Links for web pages on the ICP website.

251 Coyah Guinea
252 Khartoum Sudan
253 Kawempe Uganda
254 Indianapolis U.S.A.
255 Uyo Nigeria
256 Oron Nigeria
257 Bunamwaya Uganda
258 Chilpancingo Mexico
259 Abak Nigeria
260 Nsit Ibom Nigeria
261 Sabotica Serbia
262 Kanyana Uganda
263 Ibesikpo-Asutan Nigeria
264 Agropoli Italy
265 Pocheon Republic of Korea
266 Mwenga D.R. Congo
267 Ibiono Ibom Nigeria
268 Kabompo Zambia
269 Viamao Brazil
279 Sakubva Zimbabwe
271 Pietermaritzburg South Africa
272 Kaani Nigeria


How will the world face the existential challenges of this decade?

The Covid-19 challenge has provided International Cities of Peace with a successful Case Study on how the Global Family Program is functioning as a sister-to-sister program for Cities of Peace around the globe. When adversity rose, the leaders of our Cities of Peace in Nanjing contacted us and offered help. Immediately, we began transferring funds to leaders in 33 African Cities of Peace to help Stop the Spread. The program was highly successful and we thank all donors and recipients.


— INNOVATION. International Cities of Peace is turning the usual NGO approach on its head, an innovation that continues to drive growth of our network. Instead of telling individual communities how to work for peace, ICP encourages “in situ” (in situation) community leaders to address the unique needs of their community. Each leader/liaison and group is working in ways that are making a huge difference.

DEFINING PEACE. Another innovation is how we define Peace as the three consensus values that drive a culture of peace for all humankind. These values are integral to three specific freedoms, without which peace is impossible:

1. Safety: Freedom from risk of injury, danger or loss

2. Prosperity: Freedom to achieve a good standard of living

3. Quality of Life: Freedom to enjoy health and happiness

—- GOAL 2025. The growth of ICP, which now has over 270 Cities of Peace in 62 countries on all six continents is on track to achieve 1000 Cities of Peace by Year 2025.

— PARTNERS. ICP represents to large organizations, such as the United Nations, Rotary, Friendship Force, and other major and innovative peace organizations a PARTNER to implement a tremendous, effective, action-oriented program for peace building in the coming decades. A Cities of Peace program will inspire current members and expand membership throughout each community. Contact us for details.

— DONORS. ICP leaders and groups offer “shovel-ready” partnerships for other organizations to provide funding to achieve their mission for working in communities around the world.

— VOLUNTEERS. Hundreds of volunteers are working part and full time to achieve what some consider impossible: World Peace. Want peace? Join today! Onward and Upward.

A great opportunity to create the infrastructure of peace in an entire region of the world! Please get in touch with the Director today.

“True peace can rarely be imposed from the outside; it must be born within and between communities through meetings and dialogue and then carried outward.” 

― Jean Vanier, “Finding Peace”

Through unity, we are up to the task. Thank you. Sincerely and with respect, 

J. Fred Arment, 

Executive Director,

International Cities of Peace

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PEACE CITY ALONG THE DMZ! In February Pocheon, Korea became the first International City of Peace on the Korean peninsula — with a specific vision of preparing for possible reunification. At a profound ceremony at City Hall, Mayor Park addressed the media, dignitaries, and over 100 citizens to lay out a future where Pocheon emerges from 70 years of trauma to commit toward building the infrastructure for a corridor between North Korea and South Korea. The plan entails a railway, roadway, and air travel between the mountain towns in North Korea with Pocheon in the center of South Korea. As the 265th City of Peace, Pocheon joins other peace cities in 62 countries and on that day marked a tremendous leap for peace not only for the only remaining split country, but also for Southeast Asia and the world. Here’s more: