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Hope. Success. A milestone to inspire us to committed action. To achieve 400 Cities of Peace in 74 countries on six continents jump starts our hearts. There IS a path forward! And one that works! Practical, on-the-ground work taking place in a resilience campaign in a coastal town in New Zealand, cultural trauma healing in small villages in Amazonas of Colombia, peace studies programs in megacities in China, honoring the peace legacy of schools in Northern Ireland, entrepreneurial programs in refugee camps in Kenya. and programs to heal the divide in the United States. The ancient City of Peace ideal inspires local action. International Cities of Peace gives peacemakers training and authority within their community.

Start a City of Peace. Volunteer. Join ICP Central. Donate. Take action! Become an important part of the local action that underlies a proven and practical march toward global peace.


For Giving Tuesday, give a Gift that — immediately — helps humanity to evolve! The Golden Rule in action.

Below are NEW International Cities of Peace that came onboard this Quarter. Their Action Plans are highlighted in this December, 2023 ICP Global NewsCast. Growing evidence that we are with YOU and you are with us.

Some even say, “Get a room!” We Honor Donors, Click here.

You Are Invited! Quarterly Zoom Calls — For all Liaisons, Facilitators, Mentors, Advisors, Donors, and Friends. Much progress and many important changes discussed. Your input needed. All are encouraged to attend!



Day/Time: Dec. 5th,2023 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (No longer “Daylight” time; check your time zone difference)

Meeting ID:823 2837 7384; Passcode: 576714



ICPamerica leestá invitando a una reunión de Zoom programada.

Tema: Zoommeeting invitation – Reunión de Zoom Lideres de América

Hora: 14 nov2023 06:45 p. m. Buenos Aires, Georgetown

ID de reunión:848 2702 1950; Código deacceso: ICPamerica


  1. New Online Application Process to make establishing a new City of Peace easy and efficient, yet still profound.
  2. New SustainChain™ Partnership to take advantage of a safe Alternative Intelligence (AI) Discovery platform. Promote your work. Make connections. Tell what you are doing to impact the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. New Training Class on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques joins two other FREE classes in the ICP LearnPress Classroom.
  4. New Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for developing sustainable funding opportunities and leaving the world that funded peace by bake sales!

Astounding Growth!



No. City State/Province Country


380th, Nyiragongo, North Kivu, D.R. Congo

381st, Kangulumira, Kayunga, Uganda

382nd, Kabazana, Isindiro, Uganda

383rd, Kashojwa, Kabigo, Uganda

384th, Petatlián, Guerrero, Mexico

385th, New Hope, Western District, Uganda

386th, Kadjebi, Oti, Ghana

387th, Zogbedji, Maritime, Togo

388th, Kiretwa, Western, Uganda

389th, Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela

390th, Kakuma 3, Turkana, Kenya

391st, Derry-Londonderry, Strabane, Northern Ireland

392nd, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, South Korea

393rd, Kakuma 2, Turkana, Kenya

394th, Dengfeng, Henan, China


And more, 385, 396, and 397th announced next two weeks — three communities away from the milestone of 400!



POWER OF WOMEN movement news!

ICP Liaisons can help write the lyrics for a powerful Anthem for the Environment to be created during the Power Songwriting Camp at COP28, the Climate Conference for 2023. Your ideas on lyrics welcome! Join this event online. Pre-register at — Event on Dec. 7 & 8, 2023 800 a.m – 12:00 p.m. PST. See flyer on their website for details.



What an ICP Action Plan means, locally and globally.


Safety. Prosperity. Quality of Life. These are the Consensus Values of Peace™ that bring the world away from division and violence toward unity and the power of Love of Community. Love of Place — where you were born, grew up, began your working life, had a family, retired (re-inspired!) is core to your existence. Love of Community is deep in our hearts. Each member City of Peace in our fast growing association of International Cities of Peace understands the drive to make families safe, have food on the table, achieve a high quality of life where all people have purpose. To that end, each City of Peace develops a local Action Plan and, best of all, takes action!


ICP’s approach is a different and proven platform. We respect local knowledge. We empower the peacemakers with training and connections. Our Liaisons (community leaders) recruit and lead volunteer Peace Teams to plan, monitor, implement, and measure true on-the-ground work for the benefit of all in the community. The quickest path to peace, and the only way it is sustainable, is through considered volunteerism. Funding is very important, but commitment is essential. We’ve tapped into what people do — they work for peace in thousands of ways.


To help self-motivated peacemakers to succeed, ICP encourages donor-volunteer relationships, the kind that works together based on mutual respect. Only by the deep commitment by those who are actually in the situation can a community be transformed. The driver is love, the path is unity. The results are amazing. Check out 33 ICP Action Plans for proof!


Thanks to everyone who is contributing time, ideas, funding, and volunteer leadership to this Herculean effort that is our best hope to meet and defeat our impending existential challenges. What better way? Onward and ever upward, community by community.


Sincerely and with greatly rising hope,


J. Frederick Arment

Chair and Lead Facilitator

International Cities of Peace

Donors are valued. Donors are part of the ICP Team. Join the Friends of International Cities of Peace support Club and express your kindness, commitment and love. Cities of Peace is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your contribution may be tax deductible. Thank you!



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